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Celebrate All Humanity Through Community

Catch Life's mission extends beyond the empowerment of individuals...potential and compassion for the community must be infinite for humanity has no borders.

The path to forging one's purpose requires an obligation of responsibility...duty. If we are to lead a path then we must be on the path, domestic and abroad. We partner with numerous organizations to continuously increase our reach and strive to bring on others. From local high schools to regional universities, metropolitan communities to international grounds, we're here to take on more. There's much work to be done.

Partner with us and let's see what we can do together!


Community Self-Defense Seminars

For 15 years we hosted and taught free self-defense seminars to communities across the United States. From the Midwest to the West Coast we emphasized  the value of self-love, "defense from self", situational awareness, and an empowered mindset! Unfortunately even more relevant today, reach out to us to setup a seminar for your local community, organization, or private group of friends/family.

Missions in the Philippines

We should remember where we came from, our ancestors, our families, and the sacrifices they made to help create the lives we may enjoy today. For the last several years Catch Life has collaborated with a variety of organizations to provide medical services, food, clothing, and household necessities to multiple areas in the Philippines. We soon plan to host our own Catch Life service within the next year! Stay tuned for fundraising events to help us achieve this goal!

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